Chapter 8 – Training the team



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Chapter Eight of Year Two of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. In the previous chapter, you learned how to brew the Fire Protection Potion. It might prove handy in the future and could even save someone’s life in certain scenarios.

You also went to meet Bill near the vanishing stairs. He was very excited about going into the corridor that led to the cursed vault. Strongly determined, the two of you went there and after breaking through three of the ice walls, you finally reached the door.

Unfortunately, during your attempt to break the ice surrounding the door, Bill got injured by the cursed ice, and after managing to free him, you decided to retreat.


Chapter Summary:

  • Lesson: Weaving
    • Location: Training Grounds
    • Unlock: 9 Flying stars
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
  • Task 1: Talk to your Prefect
    • Waiting Time: 3 hours
    • Location: Your house’s Common Room
    • Requirements: None
  • Task 2: Show new clothes to your Prefect
    • Location: Your house’s Common Room
    • Requirements: None
    • Choice: Answer your Prefect why you got into trouble
      • My brother (Rowan level 4): +5 Empathy
      • My friends: +5 Empathy
  • Task 3: Visit Bill
    • Waiting Time: 3 hours
    • Location: Hospital Wing
    • Requirements: None
  • Task 4a: Prepare the Team (Penny)
    • Location: Traning Grounds
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 1/5 stars
  • Task 4b: Prepare the Team (Rowan)
    • Location: Training Grounds
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 1/5 stars
  • Task 4c: Prepare the Team (Ben)
    • Location: Potions Classroom
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 1/5 stars
  • Chapter Rewards: 225 Coins and 450 Experience Points


Your first story task is to talk to your Prefect. However, you can’t do that for the next three hours. Instead, you should focus on completing the lessons part of the chapter first. Hit the GO button and proceed to the Training Grounds.

year 2 chapter 8 1020

To unlock the Weaving lesson, you need to earn a total of nine stars from the Flying classes. The fastest way to do so is by completing three three-hour classes.

However, if you want to earn some extra attribute and house points, you might want to consider doing two of the eight-hour classes. Select the class duration you prefer and hit the Start button to begin.

year 2 chapter 8 1040

While doing these classes, prioritize bonus progress actions (actions with the highest cost) if you want to save some energy. 

Also, try your best to complete mini-tasks since each of those is awarding ten Courage points upon successful completion.

year 2 chapter 8 1060

When you are done, hit the Collect button to continue. Once you unlock the Weaving lesson, you should head back to the Training Grounds to attend it.

To complete the Weaving lesson, you’ll need to earn five stars within three hours. Since all five stars are required to pass, it is recommended to have full energy prior to starting.

year 2 chapter 8 1090

Repeat the same steps as before and you’ll be done in no time.

After you get all five stars, you’ll be tasked with demonstrating weaving. Trace the path on the screen to successfully perform this move.

year 2 chapter 8 1120

When you are done, you’ll get to see the animation in which your character does some really nice flying maneuvers.

Congratulations! Upon completing this lesson, your maximum energy will be increased by one point, which should make completing future tasks easier.

Now that the lessons part of the chapter is done, you can continue the story. Proceed to your Common Room to have a word with your Prefect.

The Prefect will notice that you are shivering when you speak and figure out that the rumors you are seeking the Cursed Vaults may be true. Your Prefect will suggest you change into some warm clothes.

Simply open the wardrobe and select something else to wear.

year 2 chapter 8 1190

Afterward, go back to your Prefect. You’ll be asked why you always get into trouble. There are two answers you can choose from.

Each option will give you five attribute points without affecting the plot much, so you can feel free to select whichever one you prefer.

year 2 chapter 8 1200

After that, you’ll get the task to visit Bill. There is a waiting period of three hours before you can proceed. Once the waiting time is over, you can go to the Hospital Wing to visit Bill.

When you get there, you’ll see him talking to Madam Pomfrey.

year 2 chapter 8 1230

You will find Bill fully recovered and he will be eager to return to the Cursed Vaults. He will suggest that you bring more friends next time.

Bill will tell you to help your friends prepare for the cursed vault. You will receive three tasks at the same time. You can do them in any order you prefer. For example, you can start by helping Penny. She will await you at the Training Grounds.

year 2 chapter 8 1250

Penny will be motivated to help you with the Cursed Vault because the cursed ice keeps spreading and she doesn’t want what happened to Rowan to happen to anyone else.

You’ll offer to teach her the Incendio spell, but she’ll say that she already knows it, and to your surprise, she’ll demonstrate the casting of Incendio on a dummy.

year 2 chapter 8 1270

Although she knows Incendio, she’ll mention that she needs help with the Knockback Jinx. Because you are better than her at Flipendo, you can teach her to improve her technique. Flipendo could be useful for whatever lies inside the Cursed Vault.

Teaching her the Knockback Jinx will be your next task. To complete it, you need to earn five stars within three hours with one star being required to pass.

year 2 chapter 8 1280

This is fairly similar to other story tasks, so you should be able to do it fairly easily. Focus on bonus progress actions if you want to save some energy.

After completing the task, you’ll need to demonstrate Flipendo to Penny. Trace the wand movement on the screen in order to successfully cast the Knockback Jinx.

year 2 chapter 8 1300

Penny will praise your teaching skills and after that, her part of the task will be completed. Next, you can go and help Rowan learn Incendio. Go to the Training Grounds when you are ready to continue.

Rowan will be anxious about going back to the Cursed Vault, but you’ll think that knowing Incendio will come in handy to your friend in case you are trapped in the cursed ice. After you mention that, Rowan will be more eager to learn.

To teach Rowan, you’ll need to earn five stars within three hours. Only one star is required to pass.

year 2 chapter 8 1330

This task is nearly identical to the previous one, so simply repeat the steps and you’ll be done quickly and easily.

The only thing that differs is that in the end, you’ll need to cast Incendio. Trace the wand movement on the screen to cast the Fire-Making Spell.

year 2 chapter 8 1350

Rowan’s wished to learn the Incendio since childhood. However, your friend’s parents didn’t think it was a good idea to try something like that on the tree farm. Khanna also promised to read every book about curses as preparation.

Two down, one to go. Now that you helped both Penny and Rowan, it’s time to go to the Potions classroom and meet with Ben.

Ben will apologize for not being able to remember how he got frozen. Still, he will be willing to help. You’ll decide to teach him how to brew Burn-Healing Paste. It could be useful against the cursed ice and it would be a relatively safe role for Ben.

You’ll get the task to help him prepare for the cursed vault. It has similar requirements as the previous ones.

year 2 chapter 8 1390

The major difference between this and the other tasks is that for this one, you don’t need to cast any spell after completing it.

Shortly after you are done, Chapter 8 of Year 2 will conclude. Hit the Collect button to claim your rewards. You will receive 225 Coins and 450 Experience points.

Thank you for reading and see you soon with another exciting chapter of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.