Where to Find Graphorn


Hello everyone. Here is a guide on where to find Graphorn. This majestic creature can only be rescued after you complete San Bakar’s Trial quest. During that quest, you will have to fight a Graphorn called Lord of the Shore, and defeating him will unlock him as a mount.

You’ll also be able to add Lord of the Shore to one of your vivariums. If you feed and brush the creature, you will receive Graphorn Horns, which you can use to improve your equipment.

If you are having problems with Lord of the Shore Boss Fight, you can check our guide for it HERE.

lord of the shore boss fight 0010

Once you complete San Bakar’s Trial quest, you’ll occasionally be able to rescue Graphorns from a den in the southeast part of the Clagmar Coast. To get there, travel to Clagmar Castle Floo Flames and go southeast.

graphorn location 0010

Once you’re there, you’ll spot a Graphorn. Unlike other magical creatures, you’ll need to fight this one before you can rescue it. One of the easiest ways to defeat the Graphorn is to use a Maxima Potion and hit it a few times with Ancient Magic.

graphorn location 0020

Once you defeat the creature, you can use the Nab-Sack on it. You’ll only need to press the button one time to rescue the Graphorn.

graphorn location 0030

That was our guide on where to find Graphorn in the game. Hopefully, you found it useful. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Hogwarts Legacy.