Knarl’s Big Day Part 2



Hello everyone, welcome to Part 2 of our Walkthrough for Knarl’s Big Day Adventure of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. During the previous part, Barnaby told you he wants to throw a birthday party for his pet Knarl the Knarl.

You agreed to help him organize everything. After discussing Knarl’s likes and dislikes, you learned that he likes daisies and sweets. You suggested getting him a daisy-themed cake, and some nice decorations.

Thankfully, Andre was kind enough to help with the decorations, and Madam Puddifoot provided some cake samples to choose from. You helped Barnaby pick the perfect cake for the party, and now you can go to inform Knarl about everything.


Part 2 Summary:

  • Task 1: Talk to Tonks
    • Location: Clocktower Courtyard
    • Requirements:
      • Year 3 – Year 6 Chapter 23: 1 hour – 5/5 stars
      • Year 6 Chapter 24+: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
    • Choice: Try to guess why Knarl ran off
      • He’s just looking for you: +5 Empathy
      • He’s just looking for food: +5 Knowledge
      • He’s eager to get the party started: +5 Courage
  • Task 2: Follow the Tracks
    • Location: The Great Hall
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
    • Choice: Figure out where Knarl went
      • Hagrid’s garden: +5 Empathy
      • Sprout’s greenhouse: +5 Courage
      • The Forbidden Forest (Your Knowledge level – 1): +10 Knowledge, Correct Answer
  • Task 3: Search for Knarl
    • Location: Magical Creatures Reserve – Forest
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
    • Choice: Tell Barnaby if you agree with him
      • You’re right, it must be: +5 Empathy
      • I don’t think so: +5 Courage
  • Task 4: Study a Knarl
    • Location: Hagrid’s Garden
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 3/5 stars
  • Part 2 Rewards: 3 Gems, 1 Chocolate Frog


[Disclaimer: This walkthrough will feature the gameplay from the perspective of a Year 7 student. Since the adventure is available for students of Year 3 and above, the star and attribute requirements for certain tasks might be different for you, depending on your current progress of the main story.]

When you are ready, go with Barnaby to the Clocktower Courtyard to meet with Tonks.

Once you are there, you’ll notice speech bubbles above the characters in the courtyard. By tapping the bubbles, you can interact with those characters, although some of them won’t be in a good mood.

knarls big day part 2 0030

Barnaby will want to see Knarl while he waits for the cake and decorations for the upcoming Knarlenbarn.

Tonks will be very uncomfortable because Knarl ran off and she was supposed to look after him until Barnaby returns.

knarls big day part 2 0040

Barnaby will tell you that it is unusual behavior for Knarl since he rarely wandered off before. You’ll decide to search for Knarl in the Courtyard.

To search for Knarl, you’ll need to earn five stars within one hour (three hours for students past Year 6 Chapter 24). All five stars are required to pass.

knarls big day part 2 0050

Actions with bonus progress are tied to Merula and Tonks. To save some energy, you can prioritize their actions.

knarls big day part 2 0060

You’ll notice Knarl’s tracks on the ground.

knarls big day part 2 0070

Barnaby will worry that he offended Knarl. He will ask you if there is any other reason why Knarl would run off.

You will have three options to reassure Barnaby. Any of the three options will calm him down, so feel free to select the option you like the most.

knarls big day part 2 0080

For the next task, go to the Great Hall.

You’ll notice some students sitting in the Great Hall. If you are curious about what they have to say, tap on the speech bubbles above their heads.

You’ll notice that Knarl’s tracks stop in the Great Hall, but you won’t see him anywhere.

Barnaby will start having doubts about Knarlenbarn, but you’ll do your best to encourage him.

knarls big day part 2 0110

You’ll decide to ask around about Knarl. Someone might know where he went.

To hear what your friends know, you need to earn five stars within three hours. You need all five stars to complete the task.

knarls big day part 2 0120

To save energy, you can prioritize actions that have bonus progress. These actions are tied to Ben, Penny, and Barnaby. Make sure to slide your screen left and right to see all the available actions.

knarls big day part 2 0130

You’ll learn from Penny that Knarl was in the Great Hall recently. Barnaby will assume that Knarl was looking for food, but because he couldn’t find any daisies, he left.

Barnaby will ask if you can think of a place that has a lot of flowers since that’s where you might find Knarl. The correct answer is ‘The Forbidden Forest’.

knarls big day part 2 0150

You’ll decide to venture into the Forbidden Forest to find him. Head to the forest area of Magical Creatures Reserve when you are ready to continue.

After a long search, you will find Knarl in the forest with Xenophilius Lovegood. Depending on whether or not you have met Xeno before, the dialog may differ.

knarls big day part 2 0170

Xeno will explain that he was investigating rumors about a colony of Wrackspurts living in the forest. He had problems finding them because his Spectrespecs were not working when he suddenly met Knarl.

He’ll further explain that he observed some unusual expressions from Knarl. He will be eager to explain more.

To learn what Xeno saw, you’ll need to earn five stars within three hours. You’ll need to earn all five stars to finish the task.

knarls big day part 2 0180

There are three different bonus progress actions tied to Mr. Lovegood. Prioritize his actions if you want to save energy.

knarls big day part 2 0190

You will learn from Xeno that Knarl is intentionally performing a sequence of repetitive steps. According to him, if you study Knarl, you may be able to discern a pattern and learn what Knarl wants to say.

Barnaby will figure that Knarl probably wants to explain why he ran off. He’ll ask you if you agree with him.

You’ll have two choices, but they won’t have any significant impact on the story. Feel free to select whichever option you like.

knarls big day part 2 0210

You will agree to learn what Knarl wants to say, but Barnaby will point out that the Forbidden Forest may not be a safe place for Knarl to stay any longer.

He’ll suggest going somewhere safer first.

knarls big day part 2 0220

You’ll suggest Hagrid’s garden. It’s not too far and you’ll have more privacy.

When you reach Hagrid’s Hut, Xeno will be grateful for the opportunity to study Knarl, because Knarl may have telepathic abilities.

He’ll repeat what he said in the Forest that started Knarl’s unusual behavior.

knarls big day part 2 0240

Shortly after, Knarl will start moving in a specific pattern. You’ll decide to observe him and see if you can figure out what he wants to say.

To observe Knarl’s behavior, you’ll need to earn five stars, within three hours. Three stars are required to complete the task, but if you wish to get a Chocolate Frog, there’s a chance for it if you earn all five stars.

knarls big day part 2 0250

There is an action with bonus progress tied to your character. That will be the opportunity to save some energy and finish the task faster.

knarls big day part 2 0260

You will memorize Knarl’s pattern.

knarls big day part 2 0270

You and Barnaby will start guessing until Xeno suggests a new theory: Knarl wants you to imagine two Knarls. Knarl will stop his demonstration once he hears the correct answer from Xeno.

You’ll wonder about which Knarl he’s thinking of and Barnaby will mention that his pet is probably thinking about his twin brother.

You won’t know where to start searching for him, but luckily, Xeno could help. If he can make a good story from this, he would provide resources and skilled investigators from the Quibbler.

knarls big day part 2 0290

Despite this, Barnaby will be somewhat nervous and he’ll wish to speak with you in private.

This will end Part 2 of Knarl’s Big Day adventure. Hit the Collect button to claim your rewards. You will receive 3 Gems and 1 Chocolate Frog.

What is troubling Barnaby? And will all the preparations for the party go according to plan? Find out in the next part of this adventure!

Thank you for reading.