Chapter 9 – The vault of fear



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Chapter Nine of Year Three of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Last time, with the help of your friends, you searched the library and found the note suggesting that the Cursed Vault is most likely somewhere within the restricted section.

Since you couldn’t just go in there, you went to see if Tulip has any idea how to access that part of the library. She did have a plan for it, but first, you had to go and persuade Barnaby to join your cause. It took some convincing, but in the end, he agreed to help you. Without a doubt, he’ll definitely be a good addition to your team.


Chapter Summary:

  • Lesson: Mice to Snuffbox
    • Location: Transfiguration Classroom
    • Unlock: 9 Transfiguration stars
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
  • Task 1: Meet Tulip
    • Location: Lower Floor – East Corridor
    • Requirements: None
    • Choice: Choose who should deal with Madam Pince
      • Rowan Khanna
      • Tonks (level 2)
      • Bill Weasley (level 3)
  • Task 2: Practise Magic
    • Waiting Time: 3 hours
    • Location: Training Grounds
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 1/5 stars
  • Task 3: Meet Tulip
    • Waiting Time: 8 hours
    • Location: Library
    • Requirements: None
    • Choice: Tell Tulip are you ready
      • Yes! (17 Courage): +10 Courage
      • I don’t know: +5 Empathy
  • Task 4: Enter the Library
    • Location: Library
    • Requirements (Duel): 16 Courage, 17 Empathy, 18 Knowledge; 225 Coins
  • Task 5: Enter the Restricted Section
    • Location: Library
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 1/5 stars
  • Task 6: Enter the Vault of Fear
    • Location: Library
    • Requirements (Duel): 16 Courage, 17 Empathy, 18 Knowledge; 225 Coins
  • Chapter Rewards: 250 Coins and 1100 Experience Points
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Now, you can kick things off by completing the lessons part of the chapter first. Hit the GO button and proceed to the Transfiguration Classroom.

In order to unlock Mice to Snuffbox Lesson, you need to earn a total of nine stars from the Transfiguration classes. There are numerous ways to do this, some are more rewarding, but take more time, while others are fast to accomplish, but have fewer rewards. Simply select the class combination that suits you best and hit the Start button to begin.

year 3 chapter 9 1040

As for these classes, follow the usual routine – tap on the various glowing objects to complete actions in order to fill up the star meter. Prioritize bonus progress actions if you are looking to save as much energy as possible.

year 3 chapter 9 1050

And pay attention to the mini-tasks since completing each of those will award you with ten Knowledge points.

When you are done, hit the Collect button to continue. Once you unlock the lesson, you can head back to the classroom to attend it.

Completing Mice to Snuffbox lesson requires earning five stars within three hours. All five stars are needed to pass. Because of that, you should avoid starting this lesson if your energy bar is empty.

year 3 chapter 9 1090

Approach this lesson just like any other and you shouldn’t have trouble completing it.

Once you have all five stars, you will be tasked with casting the spell. Trace the wand movement on the screen to turn your mouse into a snuffbox.

year 3 chapter 9 1120

Now that the lessons part of the chapter is complete, you can continue with the story. Hit the GO button and proceed to meet Tulip in your brother’s room.

She will be very pleased to hear that you managed to convince Barnaby to join your cause. She will say that in order to enter the restricted section of the library, you need to get rid of Madam Pince.

You’ll get to pick one of your friends for this job. You can choose from Rowan, Tonks, and Bill. This choice will affect the rest of the chapter, so keep that in mind when making a decision.

year 3 chapter 9 1150

It is worth noting that each of these friends is perfectly capable of distracting Madam Pince, so it’s just a matter of personal preference. Your next task is training with the friend you picked. There is a waiting period of three hours before you can proceed.

Once the waiting time is over, head to the Training Grounds to meet the friend you selected. After talking about the plan for a bit, the two of you will decide to practice some magic.

year 3 chapter 9 1190

This task requires you to earn five stars within three hours. One star is needed to pass.

year 3 chapter 9 1200

Do it in the same manner as any other story task and you’ll be done in no time. There are bonus progress actions tied to your character and some of the training dummies. Prioritize those actions to save energy.

year 3 chapter 9 1210

After you are done practicing, your next task will be getting into the restricted section. However, you have to wait until nightfall, hence the eight hours of waiting time.

As soon as you are able to move on, go to the library to meet your friends. When you arrive, Tulip will ask if you are ready. You have two response options.

year 3 chapter 9 1240

If your Courage is level seventeen or higher, you should go with the first choice. Tulip will then go over a plan once again before you proceed to enter the library.

Tonks will distract Madam Pince. Once Madam Pince is out of the way, you and Tulip will hurry to the Restricted Section and find the entrance to the vault. If Merula tries to interfere, Barnaby will hold her off. Once in a Cursed Vault, you, Tonks, and Tulip will try to break the curse on the door.

What follows is a pretty hilarious scene in which your friend tricks Madam Pince to leave the library.

year 3 chapter 9 1250

Sadly, before you’re able to enter the restricted section, Merula will show up and you’ll be forced to duel her. The task window will display the recommended attribute levels as well as the cost of each attempt.

year 3 chapter 9 1260

To be fair, at this point, your attribute levels should be above the recommended ones, so you shouldn’t expect much trouble from this duel. One strategy is to stick with the Aggressive or Sneaky stance and use Depulso or Flipendo. With a bit of luck, you should be able to defeat Merula in a few turns.

year 3 chapter 9 1270

However, even after you win, Merula and Ismelda won’t give up, so Barnaby will stay and fend them off while the rest of you enter the Restricted Section to look for the vault.

When you enter it, you’ll start searching the place. This task requires earning five stars within three hours. One star is needed to pass.

year 3 chapter 9 1290

There are a lot of bonus progress actions available, which will make the task easier to complete.

year 3 chapter 9 1300

Once you are done, you will find that one shelf is missing a book. Upon placing the book you found in the previous vault, the shelves will raise, revealing the entrance to the Cursed Vault.

year 3 chapter 9 1310

Shortly after, Barnaby will join you and the four of you will enter the vault. You’ll notice it is fairly similar to the vault of ice, but a lot more frightening.

year 3 chapter 9 1320

After a bit, the interior will change and three Voldemort Boggarts will attack your friends.

year 3 chapter 9 1330

You’ll have to cast the Riddikulus spell in order to drive them away.

year 3 chapter 9 1340

After talking to your friends for a while, you’ll hear your brother’s voice once again, and then you’ll have to duel Boggart Voldemort. Tap on the crossed wands icon to open the task window.

The attribute requirements for this duel are similar to the previous one.

year 3 chapter 9 1380

If either your Empathy or Courage is at least three levels higher than the recommended value, you should have no problems winning this duel. Simply go Aggressive (in case of Empathy) or Sneaky (in case of Courage) and use Depulso or Flipendo. This should allow you to win the duel in two turns.

If your attributes are close to the recommended ones, you can still go with the same strategy, but you will need a bit of luck to win the duel since you won’t be able to defeat the opponent in two turns with Depulso or Flipendo.

year 3 chapter 9 1390

In any case, once you defeat Bogart Voldemort, cast Riddikulus to get rid of him for good.

year 3 chapter 9 1400

You’ll then snap out of it and appear in the vault room near your friends. Tulip will be worried about you, because you were frozen. You’ll find out that everyone is fine for now but you’ll have to get what you came for before leaving.

year 3 chapter 9 1410

This central column won’t open with a touch of a hand like the last one. You will find the words written there: “To open, a wizard must make the ultimate sacrifice”. By the looks of it, one must sacrifice the capacity for magic entirely.

It seems that your brother Jacob thought about this obstacle. That’s why he broke his wand. If you touch the central column with Jacob’s wand, it will simulate the sacrifice of magic.

You’ll use the pieces of a broken wand to open the central column. Inside you’ll find a map of the Forbidden Forest and an arrow.

year 3 chapter 9 1430

This will conclude Chapter 9 of Year 3. Hit the Collect button to claim your rewards. You will receive 250 Coins and 1100 Experience points.

That was an exciting chapter! You managed to find the Cursed Vault, and now you have more clues that could help you find Jacob. But what will happen next? Did Professor Dumbledore learn about your adventure? Find out in the next chapter of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery!

Thank you for reading. Until next time.