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Flying Solo



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for Flying Solo Adventure of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. This adventure is available for students of Year 3 and above. It becomes available during Chapter 9 of Year 3. However, in order to unlock it, you first need to complete Become an Animagus adventure.

Once you begin, you have three days and nineteen hours to complete it, which should be enough time. Like most of the other ones, this adventure consists of four parts and each of those will be extensively covered in our Walkthrough.

During this adventure, you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about Talbott Winger, an unregistered Animagus you met during Become an Animagus adventure. This time, you’ll find out more about him, and eventually, you’ll get the chance to befriend him.

This means that the reward for this adventure is adding Talbott to your list of friends, which is quite a unique reward. Also, some of the choices you made during Become an Animagus adventure will carry over to Flying Solo and will have an impact on its story.

Below are the links for each part of the Walkthrough.


This adventure is done in four parts. Use the links below to go through this awesome adventure.

Video guides are available at our YouTube channel. Use the button below.

Good luck and have fun students!