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A Letter from Hogwarts



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for A Letter from Hogwarts adventure of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery! This adventure is available for students of Year 3 and above, and it should unlock after you reach Chapter 7 of Year 3. During it, you will help Professor McGonagall to prepare and send acceptance letters to future First-Year students. You will also have an opportunity to speak with your friends about their first magic spells of their childhood and you’ll seek to remember your own.

Once you start the adventure, you have 3 days and 9 hours to complete it. This should be a decent amount of time, as long as you don’t waste too much of your energy. Similar to most other adventures, this one also consists of four parts. Walkthroughs will cover each of them, and all the important choices, their consequences, and correct answers will be pointed out. Below you can find links for each part of the Walkthrough.


This adventure is done in four parts. Use the links below to go through this awesome adventure.

Video guides are available at our YouTube channel. Use the button below.

Good luck and have fun students!