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A Bad Omen



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for A Bad Omen adventure of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. This adventure is available for students of Year 3 and above, and it should unlock after reaching Chapter 2 of Year 3. However, in order to unlock it, you will need to have the Hippogriff Club at rank 5 or higher. Once you meet these requirements, the adventure should become available.

During it, Professor Kettleburn will entrust you and Liz with taking care of his baby Occamy while he’s away. However, when Barnaby makes a dark prediction, and the baby Occamy goes missing, it will be up to you to save the Hippogriff Club. Have you got what it takes to do so? Step into this adventure and find out!

Like most other adventures, this one also consists of four parts. Each of those will be extensively covered in our Walkthrough. Once you start, you have 3 days and 19 hours to complete the adventure, which should be more than enough time, as long as you don’t let too much energy go to waste.

Our Walkthrough will aim to help you optimize your energy usage and highlight all of the important choices and their consequences. Below are the links for each individual part of the Walkthrough. So, what are you waiting for? The fate of the Hippogriff Club is in your hands!


This adventure is done in four parts. Use the links below to go through this awesome adventure.

Video guides are available at our YouTube channel. Use the button below.

Good luck and have fun students!